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Job Training

Sample icon1Includes classes, resume building, interviewing skills, grooming, interest surveys, etc.

Job Placement

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Support Services

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Connecting The Dots, Inc. is an outreach program that will provide counseling, job referrals, job preparedness workshops, and tutorial services.  We will also offer self-esteem and motivational classes to the low income families and individuals in the community seeking to get back into the mainstream of life.

This program will provide various supportive services to the families that live in the county and surrounding counties, allowing them to be in a position to support themselves and their children and to become productive members in society.  These individuals/families will be provided with or receive referrals to overcome the many barriers they now face with education.

  • Unemployment
  • Education

Who We Serve

We recognize each individual as the foundation of our community development, therefore if each individual has a feeling of self-worthiness, he or she is better able to function socially and economically, thereby being assets not only to themselves, but also to the community.

This program endeavors to lower the incidence of poverty, homelessness, unemployment and emotional disorders families are faced with on a day to day basis.  By implementing this program in our community we are encouraging self-esteem and a future to families and children who would otherwise not have very much hope of escaping the repeated patterns of poverty passed on to their children.  By recognizing the unique potential and worth of each family, we are reducing stress and promoting conditions that increase confidence.  Our target population will be the poor and underprivileged in Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

Our Objectives

  •  To strengthen the family and foster healthy growth and development of the children.
  •  To promote high self-esteem and motivation in the families and the community as a whole.
  •  To provide job training, employment workshops and job referrals to families in the county and surrounding area, in order for them to find feasible employment.
  •  To enhance coping skills in the families.
  •  To provide support to families in crisis.

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President Obama wants to lower the dropout rate. He also wants to raise academic standards.

- Byron Pulsifer

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